Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How do I find staff phone numbers now that we've switched to Gmail?

That question has been posed to us multiple times in the last several weeks. Like us, many of you used Groupwise to find phone numbers.

Here's the answer (drum roll):

You can use the district website to find the phone numbers. In this short tutorial, I'll show you how to find it for the first time and make it easy to access when you need it in the future.

Start by visiting our district website or any building's site and choosing About Us.

Staff Directory is an option in the drop-down menu. When clicked, it opens a search page where you can search for someone by name, keyword, dept., etc.

You can also access the page directly through this link:

Now that you found it, I suggest adding the site to your bookmarks. Browsers such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer have a star icon that you can click to add a bookmark. Here's an example from Chrome.

Now, we'll end with extra credit. For those of you who would like, you can add information in Gmail so that people who want to contact you can find your phone number, address, etc.

Start by opening Gmail and switching from Mail to Contacts on the left side.

Now, use the Search box in the top middle to find your Contact Info. Search by your first and last name with no underscore.

Choose the phone number field (box) or any other information you'd like to provide. In a moment, it will Save automatically.

We hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact us in the Media Services & Instructional Technology dept. if you have a suggestion for a future blog post.

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