Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sharing Curriculum Division Resources using Schoology

District-wide Schoology Groups have been created for Curriculum Division Specialists to share resources that you can use with students. Some specialized groups are facilitated by the members (experts). This post will show you how to access these Schoology Groups and how to use Group Resources in your own Schoology Course(s).

Official Curiculum Division Groups use the blue Robbinsdale logo. You may already be a member of one or more Groups. To find out, login to Schoology and click Groups (top menu).

You will see Groups that you are a member of displayed in a list. If you see the correct Group(s) that you should be part of (Robbinsdale logo), you can simply choose the one you would like to visit. If not, click on the See All button on the lower right.

Choose School Groups from the tabs near the top and choose Robbinsdale Area Schools from the drop down menu.

Choose the appropriate Group from the list and look for a Request to Join button. The Group admins. will be notified of your request.

Now that you're in the Group, watch this video to learn how to use Group Resources in your own Schoology Course(s):

Teachers, if you're interested in learning more about Schoology, click here to access Schoology tutorial videos on our Staff Intranet (login required). As always, contact us with suggestions for future blog posts.

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