Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Email Hints

IF you receive a lot of advertizing or mail from groups or lists, you might like:

Configure Inbox - this allows you to organize your email into pre-set categories so that your primary emails are highlighted.  Hint: you can move your emails from one category to another and future similar emails will go to the new category.

If organizing your mail by priority would be useful,
You can set up a ‘priority’ inbox.   Open your settings used the gear on the far right. Select Inbox. Pull down the menu (Default) to Priority inbox.  (See Google help.)

Other options
In Settings    you can...
  • Turn conversation view on/off (This is the option to “stack” emails and replies with the same subject line in one grouping
  • Show “Send & Archive” button in replies.  (This will help you to archive any responses to a conversation even if you delete the conversation later. Also, this takes the conversation out of your inbox. The conversation will appear at the top of the inbox again when anyone replies. Note that trashing a conversation does not preserve any sent items in the discussion.)
  • Enable Undo Send and extend the send cancellation time period. (There is no way to recall an email once it is sent. However, you can give yourself anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds where you are given the option to undo the sent email.)
  • Stars. (There are no flags in Gmail but you can choose a variety of icons to create a system to mark your email for your own personal use.)
  • Snippets (You can choose whether only the subject is shown or the first few words or snippets of the email are shown. This may be influenced by the proximity of students when you typically look at your email.)
  • Signature (You have your contact information appear at the bottom of email you send.)
  • There is much more to explore in settings.
    • Check out the Themes options to personalize your inbox!

Options when composing an email

  • Format a message:
  • Add a file, attachment or link:   

  • In Gmail there are labels, instead of folders. Your folders from Novell have been transferred to Gmail.  Please consider consolidating folders/labels. (You can nest a folder/label within another folder/label.)
  • You can “move” an email into a folder or label an email (with several labels if you want) and leave it in your primary (inbox)
  • As you create labels, consider that you can use the powerful Google search to retrieve mail from your archive at any time.  Instead of moving all items from a particular sender to a label, you could simply “archive” the message--and use the Google search to locate all messages by a sender.

Other Hints:

  • To mark a message as "unread" in Inbox after it is opened:  Select the message. Then, in the More drop-down list, select Mark as unread.
  • Attachment Alerter: Never Forget an Attachment
    • Fig: Attachment Reminder
    • The cure is Gmail’s Attach Alerter. If you have the word ‘attach’ in the mail content, and did not attach anything, you will be alerted by Gmail before sending that email.  To enable this feature, do the following
      • Click on “Settings” link, then Click on “Labs” tab,
      • Select “Enable” option button in “Forgotten Attachment Detector”
      • Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom
  • Search All Emails
    • Entering search word in Gmail search box will search for all the messages including chat messages, emails in sent, drafts, inbox and all the messages that are archived and labeled.

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