Monday, October 17, 2016

Google Drive to Schoology Workflow for Students

Google Apps and Schoology are two of the most popular instructional technology tools that we use in the district. Google Drive is a Google App that allows users to create, store, collaborate, and share files with others. Many teachers want to collect student work from Google Drive.

When you have large numbers of students and assignments, it is confusing to have students share files directly with you. Schoology can help. The student instructions in this blog post show you how. This link will allow you to share the info with your students: Google Drive to Schoology Workflow. It is important to note that this method shares a live Google Doc. An upcoming post will share how students can link their Google Drive with Schoology to turn in a copy of files in their Google Drive.

  1. The teacher creates a Schoology assignment that requires the student to create a file in Google Drive. By default, there is a Submit Assignment button for students to turn in the assignment.
  2. Students complete their work in Google Drive (Google Doc, Sheet, Slides, Draw, etc.).
  3. Students click Share and then Get Shareable Link.
  4. The Shareable link may be automatically copied (ready to paste). If it isn’t, you are able to copy the link shown using a right-click or keyboard shortcut Ctrl-C. The setting is view only. If another setting is desired, there is a drop-down menu visible.
  5. Back in Schoology, students click on the the Submit Assignment button in the Schoology Assignment and then Create (2nd link, circled).
  6. Students click on the link icon from the text editor box.
  7. Students paste the shareable link in the URL/Link box and something descriptive in the second box. Finally, they click Insert.

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