Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Use the Schoology Calendar Effectively

The Schoology Calendar shows upcoming assignments and events from Courses and Groups. Many of our buildings are now encouraging students to use the Schoology Calendar as a planner/organizer. This blog post shares 4 tips you can use to become a Schoology calendar guru. Tips 2-4 were taken from the Schoology Blog.
Tip #1: Students create their own Events

The first tip is one to share with your students, especially if they are using the calendar as a planner/organizer. From their home screen, students can click on Calendar and then any day to add an event. This is especially helpful for putting in intermediate dates for ongoing projects or planning time to study.

Tip #2: Drag and drop to change due dates
Drag and drop assignments (and other graded items) in your Schoology calendar to save time and stay organized. Editing due dates in each assignment would take forever. Instead just grab an assignment and move it to change the due date!
Tip #3: Organize with color codes and filters
While you're at it, color code your calendars to quickly identify subjects and groups. If you are teaching multiple subjects, make all sections the same color for a quick reference. Notice that you can also hide or show various calendars to narrow in on specific courses or groups.
Tip #4: Create assignments from your calendar

This is a pro tip that will take you from simply being organized, to being a calendar guru. Create a new assignment from your calendar (that's right: I said from your calendar) and post it directly to all your course sections. You can even set grading categories without opening a single course!

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