Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Google Forms Updates

Many of you are familiar with Google Forms and use them to survey students and colleagues. Some of you may have completed a Google Form without knowing that anyone can use this tool to gather information.

For those who have not used them before, Google Forms are a quick way to create questions (multiple choice, short response, paragraph response, ranking/scale, etc.), gather the data in a spreadsheet, and look at the data using graphs and charts that are created for you. The form and spreadsheet are stored in your Google Drive. Forms can be shared with a link via email or by posting on a website such as your Schoology Course(s).

Early adopters may remember that Google Forms were 'picky' at the start. If you didn't have your questions figured out and in order ahead of time, it was problematic to move questions around after you started. Google Forms have been enhanced over time to make them more reliable and add features. This fall, there are many new features. This video from Google Guru provides an introduction to one of the big changes, the ability to create your own themes.

The video below, also from Google Guru, provides information about other enhancements to Google Forms.

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