Monday, January 26, 2015

Chromebooks are Coming to the High Schools

The next phase of the personalized learning program (PerL) that integrates 1:1 mobile technology is in the process of being planned. In the fall of 2013, all fifth grade students began using Chromebooks. We refer to this as PerL 1.0. Chromebooks were then distributed to middle school students in August 2014. (PerL 2.0) In August of 2015, all students in grades 9-12 will be using 1:1 Chromebooks to support their learning. This will be PerL 3.0. The Robbinsdale District technology plan focuses on improving student achievement. We use technology to make teaching and learning more efficient and effective.

A team of principals, teachers,media and technology integration support and others have been working to plan distribution, teacher training, and teaching technology literacy skills. The high school team made the decision to adopt the same goals as the middle school program which focuses on instructional strategies that significantly improve learning across all subjects. These include goal setting, targeted feedback, and culturally relevant resources.

The high schools will have a group of Ambassador Teachers who are part of a trial this spring to have a set of Chromebooks in their classroom. They will then serve as support for other teachers next year as all classrooms will have a 1:1 environment.

Many details are still being worked out for this program. To get updated information, go to   

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