Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Read this if You Have New Schoology Courses this Semester

High school teachers and middle school specialists are likely to have new Schoology courses for semester 2. This post explains how you (and your students) can access previous courses for information or content.

Your semester 1 Schoology courses have been moved to the archived courses area. If you need to access an archived course after the grading period ends, login to Schoology and click Courses > See All > Archived.

If you have Materials in your current courses that you would like to move into a semester 2 course or courses, it is a quick process. Click the gear to the right of a folder or activity and choose the Copy to Courses option as shown in the image below:

Inline image 1

Though students are automatically added to your courses, they are not automatically removed. Please check the Members section of your courses after most schedule changes have taken place. If there are students there who have left your course, please click the gear icon to the right of their name and unenroll them.

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