Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Legacy vs The Future

Legacy Documents
These are our documents that we've created in the past and use over and over each year. Legacy documents represent a time when we weren't connected to the cloud and our only options were emailing attachments or printing and distributing. It is possible to convert these to Google, but do you want to or need to? To determine whether or not I ask myself these questions:

Step One - Determine Purpose
Information out and no response required, no need to update that  old document or practice. BUT, if it's information you'd like others to contribute to, then it will save time and effort to convert the document.
Step Two - Attempt to Convert
If you've decided that you want to have others interact with the file then attempt to convert that document to a Google Doc. There are two methods to do this flip through the slideshow below to see the options.

Step Three - Rebuild It
If you've tried to convert and you're not satisfied with how it looks. Recreate the document in Google IF your purpose for the document warrants the time. Remember, because you're not printing you can do different things and you can eliminate some old formatting  - there's no need for a "FILL IN THE BLANK" when others can just add to the doc, but it might be necessary to add some formatting to make it clear where you want people to share (tables work great for this).

Google Drive will save timeIt requires us to release some control - it's OK to let other people type directly into a document (with revision history, if a major mistake is made it can be undone). My Grandpa Frank always used to say "many hands make light work". The real genius of Google Drive is the ability to share the workload. It should no longer fall to one person to maintain an updated list of phone numbers, or a list of students that  need help etc...

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