Friday, November 20, 2015

Beyond Presentation - Google Slides as a Publisher

page layout option slides
I have these great experiences where someone shows me one little tweak on an old familiar tool and everything changes. For Google Slides that one trick was simply changing the page layout. If you think of Slides as a great way to sequence information, they can quickly become a set of note cards. Or, if what you're looking for is a free form workspace to do some visual editing, then Slides can be a great Web Publishing tool with the added bonus of being able to insert videos.

And that's just getting started...


  1. I love this... used it a few times since you showed me. :) Show the kids!!!

  2. Cool! I have been wanting to have students make "Infografías" - posters that interpret data visually - and with these ideas, they will be able to approximate the infografías that they see online! Gracias, Sean! -Cari Johnson, Spanish Teacher