Friday, November 6, 2015

Google Drive Shareable Link Settings & Advanced Settings
If you have ever thought, “how can I better  manage my share settings for my Google Drive files?”
Important: be aware of the default settings on your shareable links.  
The Share setting is important because its default  is set for all who accounts, which EXCLUDES parents and families.  

Managing this setting in a different way will limit requests from parents/families to see the links you provide in Schoology.  Just make sure you are considering your target audience.
View of Default Settings

Go to drop down arrow and select “More”.  If parents are part of your target audience select:

Do Not Fear Advanced Settings
Advanced settings in share are not really advance. They just provide other options for sharing and visibility.

Sharing = inviting people to contribute either by comment, or with editing rights.
Visibility = Allowing people to view the document without editing rights.

Do Not Fear Collaborators
A nice feature that has been added to Drive is the ability for the owner of a document to control who can share, download and print any document.

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