Friday, December 4, 2015

Some Notable Changes in the Recent Schoology Gradebook Update

The recent update to the Schoology gradebook changed a setting that impacts those who do IB MYP grading.  To ensure that students and parents can see their overall grade - you will need to change a setting.  

In Gradebook - go to Grade Set Up.  Scroll down to the Final Grade Settings.
Unclick the “Hide overall grade from student reports”. Note: RMS teachers will show the overall grade column at specific points in the quarter. Refer any questions to your building admin.

Other notable changes:
  • The gear has been replaced with three dots.  Look here for Bulk Edit and more!

  • Lock vs. Hidden vs. Published
If you want an assignment to no longer be available for submissions you should use the lock function instead of the hidden function.  When you hide an assignment or unpublish it - it is removed from the student’s gradebook but not the admin gradebook.  This can cause the student to see a different overall score than what the admin/
teacher sees.  Use Bulk Edit to check if any of your assignments are unpublished (hidden).

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