Friday, February 26, 2016

One Tip and And an Exciting Development

People genuinely wonder how, as one person who is also a happy husband and active father, could possibly keep up with the rapid pace of technology. The fact is, I can't - and I don't do it alone. I rely on the community of educators that are connected to Twitter, Google+ and even Facebook. My Grandpa Frank used to say, "many hands make light work".

In one week I came across these two gems. One is a nice tip presented in an easy to share infographic and the other is another example of the power of cloud computing.

Chromebook Tips
From the Ed Tech Team blog (hosts of the Minnesota Google Summit) comes this great one pager, which could be printed and posted, full of smart tips to help our students become better Chromebook users.

Voice Typing in Google  Docs
The only way I could ever hope to keep up with the pace of change in Google is through my Personal Learning Network (PLN). The update to Google's voice tool came to me through twitter, Google+ and email. That is the method I use for prioritizing my investigations. If something is big it will come through multiple avenues, then I know it's probably worth the  time to investigate.

Google for Education Blog details the new capabilities in voice to text. This video demonstrates it better.

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  1. Nice infographic! Thanks for sharing. We should post some around the MC and on the FTP screen.