Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Chrome Extensions

Extensions add icons to your browser
Google Chrome is one of the main technology tools used by staff and students in Robbinsdale Area Schools. Extensions are one of the easiest ways to customize Chrome. Extensions and other Chrome customizations are added via the Chrome Web Store. Extensions show up as small icons in the upper right corner of your browser. Once you install them, they will automatically show up when you sign into Chrome on many devices. You activate an extension by clicking on the icon. Whether you're an experienced extension user or just starting out, here are a few of the technology integration team's favorites:

  1. Google Drive Quick Create - This extension creates and opens a new Google Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, or Drawing that is automatically saved in your Google Drive.
  2. Send from Gmail - This one is automatically installed if district users login to the Chrome browser. This extension makes it efficient to send someone a website you found via email - no need to copy and past the URL or open your email account. Simply click the extension and choose the recipient(s).
  3. Tab Scissors and Tab Glue - These are actually 2 extensions but they belong together. Tab Scissors splits your browser tabs into 2 side by side windows on your screen - really handy when you have limited screen real estate and need to be viewing or copying from one tab while updating another. Tab Glue puts everything back together again.
  4. TechSmith Snagit - Use this extension to capture screenshots (images) and screencasts (videos) that can be saved in your Google Drive. Bonus: Screencasts less than 20 seconds can be saved as a GIF.

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