Thursday, March 10, 2016

Schoology Gradebook: The Missing Exception Code is Now Live

The 'Missing' exception code is now available in the Schoology gradebook. Teachers have the option of adding it to an individual assignment in the gradebook or filling empty cells in a column after entering grades. Students and parents will see 'Missing' in their grade reports next to any assignments marked with this exception code. If a student turns in a digital submission after they have been marked 'Missing', the teacher will see notification of this at the top of the right column when they login to Schoology.

Schoology now has 3 exception codes available: 'Excused', 'Incomplete', and 'Missing'. Both 'Excused' and 'Incomplete' do not count in the grade calculation. 'Missing' counts as a zero and adversely affects the category/course grade.

This addition is the latest in a series of gradebook improvements. Your technology integration specialist is available to help you take advantage of the features in the Schoology gradebook.

Schoology's documentation of the 'Missing' exception code can be found at this link: How Do I Use Exceptions?

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