Monday, March 21, 2016

Why We Don't Have Chromebook Monitoring Software

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District Media Services staff are often asked about Chromebook monitoring software.  These are products that can be purchased and allow teachers to monitor what a student is doing on their Chromebook.  We have actually looked into and even piloted a few Chromebook monitoring products but we have yet to find one that fits our needs as a district.  The biggest obstacle with many of the products is the relatively easy ability for students to opt out of having their Chromebook monitored.  Many products promise the ability for teachers to view student’s screens or even close out of a site that may be a distraction. However the reality is that monitoring student use takes valuable teacher time and is not reliable nor cost-effective at this time.  While we will continue to explore options that allow Chromebooks to be monitored, we will also work to emphasize responsible use of technology in school.  The district-issued Chromebooks are to be used as a tool for learning and not a toy.  

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