Friday, April 8, 2016

Get Started with Schoology Rubrics

Rubrics are an effective way to let students know what you're looking for and to provide meaningful feedback on their work. Schoology makes it simple.

Schoology rubrics can be created in your course's Grade Setup area (image 1 below). They can also be created within a specific Assignment (image 2). You can click on the images below to see detail more clearly.

Rubrics are available in other places as well. Schoology Discussions can be scored with rubrics. Individual Schoology Quiz questions can even have their own rubrics!

Schoology has detailed instructions at this link: Guide to Using Rubrics

Your site's technology integration specialist is happy to help if you need ideas or want technical help.

Create a rubric in the Grade Setup Area of Schoology
Image 1 - Rubric in Grade Setup Area

Create a rubric for a specific Schoology Assignment
Image 2  - Rubric in Assignment

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