Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why Isn't My Content Showing Up in the Browser?

That title is a little misleading. It isn't practical (and I don't know enough) to cover all the reasons why content is blocked on web pages. Instead, I'll cover a common reason why things like videos or activities sometimes don't display in your browser on sites like Schoology.

Many web pages are like the wall of a house with windows that open to other sites. The windows to other sites are called embedded media. On a site like Schoology, this is a great way to keep students focused while taking advantage of images, videos, and activities from other places.

Chrome shield with red x
Sometimes the spot where the media should display is blank. This is often because the browser doesn't trust the content that is coming through the window. The indication that this mistrust is causing the browser to block content is subtle. In Chrome, it is a shield icon in the right side of the address bar, sometimes with a red x (as shown on the left). 

Load unsafe scripts

This feature is a safeguard for you against malicious content that could cause problems for your device. However, there are many times when you know that the content is safe and you want to access it. To access the content, click the icon and the 'Load unsafe scripts' (or similar) link.

Be sure that you are confident of the content you are loading when you choose this option on a web page. Contact a member of the technology team if you or your students are having problems with blocked or missing content.

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