Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Google Apps is now G Suite - And some Sweet Updates

Google Apps - Now G Suite

This isn’t new news, but it might have gotten lost in the past month. Google Apps has changed its branding to G Suite. That’s not terribly exciting, but along with that announcement came a few new features that seem worth highlighting.

Columns are now a thing in Google Docs! - This is one of the features that people have been working around for years. It is finally possible to format columns into a document, simply open the Format menu select Columns and BLAMMO!

Organize for Searching your Drive - Search is a powerful feature of the web. Finding is even better. Using folders and naming protocols means creating search methods that can help you find work faster than clicking through folder trees. To that end, Google has added Natural Language Processing to Drive, which just means that it’s possible to search like we talk and Google will make a prediction, much like it already does in search.


Google Form Auto Question Types -  Google has used machine learning to teach Google Forms to guess the question type based on the text of your question. That means if you type in “Choose one of the following…” it guesses that you mean Multiple Choice and changes the format accordingly. And coming very soon is the ability to submit files to a Google Form.


Workflow Tips! And Finally, to take full advantage of any new tool set knowing some of the workflow process is essential. The handy info-graphic below is from the EdTech Team (which is hosting the Minnesota Google Summit in March) and highlights some great tips for saving time as a teacher.

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