Tuesday, November 29, 2016

New Arrival! Google Sites in Drive

A New Arrival - Brand New Google Sites

This past week you may have noticed a brand new addition to your Google Drive - Google Sites. Finally, Sites has been integrated into Drive. This makes management and organization of the resource much more user friendly, and is part of the powerful search features that live in Drive.

Find Google Sites in Drive
The updated Sites is designed to do a couple of things. First, to look more modern. The old sites looked, well… old. Powerful in its own right, time and the progress of the web made it look sort of outdated without some serious digging in and making changes. The new design is clean and elegant. There are some lost features - it’s not yet possible to embed content that isn’t in Drive or YouTube, but simplicity and ease of use make up for that for now.

The second key feature is added collaboration. Like the other Google products, you can now see a co-creator editing in real time. If you include a text box it behaves very similar to what it looks like when two or more people type on a Doc. That feature means more collaboration and less divide and conquer. Collaboration is an essential skill for anyone in this day and age and is more than just teaming up, it’s about creating collective content and knowledge and the new Sites makes this simple.

A powerful platform for student projects, clubs or even better - replacing an old poster board assignment. Give it a spin and see what you think OR provide it as an option for students and see what they create.

Below is a quick one pager provided by our friends at the EdTech Team and has some of the basic steps to get started in Google Sites.

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