Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Perfect your Online Professional Persona

Students, families, colleagues and the community often see an online version of you when corresponding through email or sharing information through Schoology. We encourage you to follow some best practices for creating your online professional persona.

Email signature

Email.JPGAn email signature allows you to automatically include a few lines of contact information at the bottom of every signature.  It is very helpful to let others know your building, job title and contact information and just takes a few minutes to set up.  

Here are the instructions from the Robbinsdale Staff Communications page on how to add a school specific email signature.  It is also possible to add an email signature when sending email from an iPhone.

Schoology Profile

Schoology About me.JPGWhen you post an update in Schoology, your profile picture is seen by students and parents. It is good professional practice to have an image that represents you, preferably, your picture. It is best to have a head shot of you such as your School ID photo. If you are not comfortable having your picture on your Schoology profile, please choose another image that represents your professional life. Schoology even gives the option of using an avatars.  Avoid copyrighted images such as sports team’s logos. There is also personal profile information in Schoology and it is important to have that information updated and professional.  You can access your Personal Profile by clicking on your name on the top menu and choosing edit. Here is more information on changing your Schoology image and profile.  

Student have also reported that they appreciate when their courses have engaging course images.  Consider images that represent the course content or meeting time.  Again, avoid copyrighted images.

Google Profile

googleplus profile.pngAttached to your Gmail, Google Drive and other Google services, your Google profile can be updated to include a picture and some basic biographical information. The benefit of a personalized presence online is the ability to “introduce” yourself before a face to face encounter. More and more of our initial and daily communications happen electronically. Taking the time to set up a thoughtful profile can help to encourage and enhance personal connections.

To update your personal information on Google go to:

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