Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kami: Annotate and Markup PDFs

Kami means paper in Japanese--and users of Kami say that this Chrome app saves paper and time. 

Kami allows the user to highlight text, add comments, circle words, etc.  

To add Kami to your browser:

  1. Click on the colorful grid in the upper left corner of your Chrome browser.
  2. Next, select the Web Store.
  3. Search for Kami.
  4. You will find both an app and an extension. You may install both. Click here to find out the difference.
Kami has been used in district classrooms, especially RMS, to support close reading of texts. In Peggy Marvin’s AVID class, students circle keywords, highlight main ideas and add comments that summarize their thoughts or ask questions.

Peggy offers the following advice to teachers using Kami: 
  • When students are first working with Kami, take it slow. The first couple of times, what you think should only take a class period, may in fact take two or three. It doesn't take long for the majority to become independent with using the app.
  • Kami is great for teaching students how to mark the text, make connections with what they are reading, and show those connections through the use of the comment and draw features. Kami, in particular, is helping to prepare the students with how to read on a computer which not only helps with our online assessments, but will help prepare them for readings, discussions, and online classes in the post-secondary world!
Kami can be integrated with Schoology. Here is a video explaining the process. At this time, teachers and students are using the free version of Kami. We are considering a subscription to get extra features--such as the ability to automatically save to Google Drive.

If you assign close reading of PDFs or other documents, give Kami a try. Let your media or technology integration specialist know how it works for you.

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