Monday, May 22, 2017

Digital Housekeeping

As each school year ends, it is a wise idea to do some digital housekeeping in Schoology and Google Drive. In our post this week, we provide some tips to help you put things in order before summer break.

After all of your had work this year building or updating your course(s), you don't want to start over next fall. Schoology Personal and Group Resources are the best way to preserve a copy of your work. The video below shows how it works. Please note that courses/content saved in Resources is separate from courses in your Course Archive. Archived courses include student data.

Another important place to organize is your Google Drive. Take time to create and maintain folders. If you have files that you no longer need, we recommend that you place them in a folder named 'Archive' or similar. You can always delete them next fall if desired. If you are changing buildings or roles and own shared files or folders that others need, be sure to transfer ownership.

For staff leaving the district, the document linked below provides information about downloading a copy of your Google Apps data (Drive, Gmail, photos, etc.). It also shares a couple of ways to save your Schoology data. You will need to use a personal computer or external storage in this process. Long time district staff may also want to download a backup of their data every few years. Please note that multimedia files such as videos and high resolution images can take lots of storage space.

Exporting Google and Schoology Data

Please work with your media or technology integration specialist if you have questions or run into problems.

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